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Plain and simple, I would not be where I am today without the coaching and guidance of Shahrina. She is so experienced, patient, and eager to help. As a less technical person, I appreciated how Shahrina shed some light on social media marketing and shared tips that I never knew existed before!

-Nubhan Ahamad-
Founder, Juwita Divine

Shahrina is everything I’d hoped for in a trainer. I was really impressed with her ability to share clever and meaningful social media strategies, and she was brilliant at helping our business overcome some particular challenges we had with social media marketing. After working with Shahrina I was ble to reach a bigger audience with a more positive, engaging message, and I started achieving much bigger goals.

-Mohd Fadzly Bin Suliman (Mofaz)-
Director, Konoha Tyres

Shahrina and her team have made my life SO much easier! After her training program, I found myself more competent on social media and using less time to do the same amount of work. This was hugely important to me as a business owner. With these effective and time-saving, I was then able to focus on generating better content and attending to customers’ enquiries. Since applying some of Shahrina’s strategies, my social media traffic has increased by leaps and bounds. It is so liberating.

-Qamarina Murad-
Founder, DamnMarina

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