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Peace be upon you all! I’m Shahrina Shaharin. I am a Certified eUsahawan Master Trainer. I’m a proud mother of a pretty girl who loves K-Pop. Come visit me at https://shahrinashaharin.com for tips and tricks of using facebook marketing, instagram and website for your online business and branding.

I’m a daughter to two briliant teacher and lecturer. My (late) father is Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Shaharin Ibrahim. I love writing, reading, swimming and going to the gym. I love meeting new friends.

When I was 3 years old I dream of being a TV host like Wan Zaleha Radzi. But my curiosity on the technology of computer lead my career path as an engineer. I left my engineering (though I love, love, love it so much), in search of my inner calling to add value to more people. Hence, I am now an Online Marketing Coach. 💜

Certificates related to Online Marketing

  1. Certified Google Analytics for Beginners >> Certificate from Analytics Academy
  2. Certified Advanced Google Analytics >> Certificate from Analytics Academy
  3. Google Partner for Google Adwords.
  4. SifuFBAds Classes under MDEC
  5. Seminar Missing Chapter SifuFBAds

Online Marketing Competencies

  1. SEO
  2. Blogging
  3. Video Creator
  4. Storytelling
  5. Copywriting for FB Ads
  6. Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Malay (version)

Saya juga seorang anak kepada mak abah yang bijak terdidik. Saya suka menulis, membaca, bersukan dan berkongsi buah fikiran. Suka jumpa kawan baru. Masa kecil saya suka berangan nak jadi pengacara TV. Dan masih menyimpan impian tu dalam hati. (^_^)v

Shahrina the Embedded Engineer

Shelly and Me (right) with MyMS COO and CTO


Highest level of achievement is when I represent Malaysia as one of the track chair for Common Criteria Forum during our application to be Common Criteria Recognize Authorizing member. Initially was the Lead Certifier for EAL4+ Product submitted to be asessed by the other CCRA members, MCS Small Machine Operating System CC (SMOSCC) version 1.0.0. But of course since it was at the end of my service, so the project was continued by someone else.

Was apart of the Smart Card Working Group for MyKAD (2009-2012) under CyberSecurity Malaysia. And continued to be a member of the Smart Card Working Group under ‘MyMS’ Malaysia Microelectronics Solutions Sdn Bhd.I also helped developed the http://www.cybersecurity.my/mycc/ website alongside with CSM IT Helpdesk staff.

Rina the Certifier (Me at the ICCC11 International Conference – Antalya, Turkey)

Rina and Anis with my Gym Buddy

And lastly this is me and Tun M. He was walking around shopping and I happen to be nearby. Selfie of us.

Rina with Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad